This creates a thin envelope around a microscopic amount of active substance (solid particles, liquid droplet or gas bubbles). Micro-enscapsulation is sometimes used for different purposes. One of them is to release the active substance, for example from textiles.


Methods of release

The contents of the micro-capsules can be released using various methods like

breaking the micro-capsule wall under the influence of mechanical stress using external pressure.

Diffusion of the substance constituting the core of the micro-capsule, following wall degradation, is caused by external factors, e.g., temperature, pH level or light.

In the case of leggings, the content of micro-capsules is released primarily by mechanical stress and body temperature. It is therefore important that they fit the skin tightly, and sleeping in them causes their additional augmentation by heat emitted under the duvet. This combination will provide optimum performance.

There are several technologies that incorporate micro-capsules into textiles. The most common way is to disperse microcapsules in a binding agent and then to apply the dispersion to the fabric (non-woven or knitted fabric) using various techniques like deposition, coating, laminating, printing or nozzle spraying.

The most expensive and most time-consuming, but the best method of applying micro-capsules onto textiles is hardfacing.

Among other things, the hardfacing method used to create our leggings provides a product with unrivaled potential. It is the highest quality premium product in its class.

The combination of micro-capsules with a textile product remains stable for up to 30 washes, depending upon the concentration of active substances.

Our leggings are made from high quality cotton so they are very soft and pleasant to the touch, and the addition of Lycra helps them to fit every body type.

The carefully developed Body Slim Complex comprehensively fights skin imperfections.

All active ingredients are of natural origin, safe for the skin and selected on the basis of scientific knowledge and the experience of experts working in the field of health and beauty from all over Europe.


Among the most important active ingredients are:


A set of selected active substances is enclosed in microcapsules and applied to knitted fabric with extreme care so as to ensure the best, the fastest and the most effective results.